5 Winter Essentials – Brrring It On!

It all starts with a thread. A color. A feeling. The brisk, cool air transforms into colder winds, stronger breezes. The olive greens, the burnt oranges, and the mustard yellows slowly fade away as the leaves fall off the trees. Maroons, navy blues, greys, and plums encompass our closets as the bare trees shiver outside. You cozy up on the couch, holding a steaming hot mug. What is it?? It’s winter!

As we gear up for the cold, remember that it’s OK to wear whatever you were already wearing. If you’re more into the practicality of clothes rather than adjusting for each season, then reuse what’s already in your wardrobe.

If you’re into freshening up your look each season, then changing your color scheme is OK too!

We’re sharing 5 winter essentials to help you transition into this season.


We love more than just the ugly Christmas sweater. We love the sweater dress. The fuzzy sweater. The long sweater. The sweater vest. You name it, and it’s some sort of sweater combination! These come in all sorts of great colors, sizes, and patterns. Check out some of our favorite J6C sweaters. This is a great way to stay warm, yet stylish.


We’re talking all kinds of boots. Ankle boots, tall boots, over-the-knee boots, combat boots. You name it. Mix it up with fun colors and prints. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you’re limited to dark colors! Pair colored socks with plain boots to accent your outfit with a pop of color.


These are so versatile! You can wear tights or leggings with a dress, with a skirt, they can be dressed up or dressed down, and you can even wear these under jeans when it’s really cold. Tights come in all sorts of great colors and patterns. Dare to be different. Express yourself! These are appropriate for both work and going out, so you can easily transition from one to the other.


You know exactly what we’re talking about here. These are the socks that give you that warm, fuzzy feeling…for your feet! Maybe you found some stuffed in your Christmas stocking. Maybe you bought yourself a pair on Black Friday. Or maybe you just casually wear them – even in the summer! These socks are sure to keep your feet warm, and looking pretty cute!


As the weather gets colder, our lips become more brittle and chapped. Make sure you’re protecting your lips by applying lip balm every day, and reapplying as needed. These come in great-tasting flavors and scents, so you can mix it up depending on your mood.

If you need a little extra fresh breath, opt for a minty lip balm. If you prefer something sweeter, try a berry-flavored balm. Or, just stick with a regular, non-flavored option to keep it simple. Lip balm is like sunscreen. It protects us – only it’s more fun to put on every hour!

What are your winter essentials? Let us know!

TwentysomethingVisionBioPicWritten by Kelly L. 
Writer. Editor. Interviewer. Photographer.
People accuse me of being an eternal optimist, and part of my blog’s mission is to help others focus on the positive. I encourage readers to take care of themselves now to experience long-term benefits.

I love asking people questions and inspiring them to tell their stories.

Check out Kelly’s Blog, Twentysomething Vision.

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