3 Tips For Fall Cleaning

Are you in the process of transitioning from your Summer wardrobe to Fall and Winter? Me too! I always hope that Summer lasts just a bit longer, but I’m starting to give in to the idea of sweater weather. If you’re like me, perhaps you are trying to clean your space and clear out items you no longer need. Here are three things I’ve tried this season to help me clear out the mess and get organized:

  1. Make A Rule

    If you have a lot of things accumulating, a simple rule can help cut down on clutter! Mine is “ One Thing In, Two Things Out.”

    This one is fantastic- it forces me to think twice before buying something new (saving some cash) and helps me clear space when I do! It’s a slower declutter process than other forms, like full day power cleaning, but it’s still certainly helpful. To speed up the process, you can even change it up to three or more things for each one in.

  1. A “Maybe” Pile

    One of the biggest challenges I have when getting rid of things is the constant feeling that I might need it in the future. If you have some out of the way space in your home, a Maybe Pile might just help.

    I separate items I think I may get rid of and leave them in a maybe pile for up to one month depending on their size. If I don’t touch them or miss them in that month, they are cleared to be donated! And if I genuinely need something out of the pile (this has happened once) I have it.

  1. Snap It

    Feeling sentimental? As I mentioned before, I have a pretty hard time getting rid of things. The best way that I’ve discovered to handle this is by snapping a photo of each item. If you have a shirt you love, but it’s three sizes too small, giving it away helps someone else while clearing out your own space. A simple photo of the item will let you see it in the future if you ever want to and makes it easier to part with now.

    While it’s always best to sell or donate items you’re no longer using, there are some alternatives for things you don’t want to let go. If you want to get creative, you can repurpose something.  Try crafting a tee shirt pillow or quilt, so that your favorite, ill-fitting or worn out clothes are still around and serving a purpose!

What are your favorite tips for Fall cleaning? Let us know!

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Written by Kelly. 

Owner of Just Six Club, grad student, and dog mom.

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