3 Things My Dog Taught Me

Anyone who knows me knows I love dogs. Love them. In August of last year, I was thrilled to adopt my very own little monster, Abby.

She loves balloons and is pretty much the greatest.

What a gem.

But you didn’t come here to see my vast collection of dog photos, you came here to read what I learned from having this high energy, sassy, playful little lady enter my life, so here they are:

    1. That work should not always come before “less crucial” things.
      As a student, business owner, and freelancer, balancing those roles with non-work can be a bit difficult. When I got busy, I often felt pressured to focus on work and school at the exclusion of anyone or anything else, making time for myself and others always presented a challenge.Abby doesn’t take “I’m busy” as an answer and I wouldn’t want her to. She’s helped (and sometimes forced) me take much needed breaks from high pressure work for food, walks, and yes, even play time. Having a balanced schedule between work and non-work is not always possible, but knowing that breaks are necessary has not only been good for my stress levels, it helps me stay on a schedule.IMG_8007
    2. That staying on a schedule can be painful, but good for you.
      Abby likes to get up everyday between 5 and 6 am. Before having her in my life, this was only slightly later than when I would often go to bed for the night. My schedule, including sleep, was in a constant state of flux.Getting up that early in the morning has been a rough adjustment, but it’s forced me to go to bed no later than 1 am. Knowing ahead of time what hours I’ll be awake has helped me keep a schedule for work, school, and other things that works for everyone in my life (including myself).
    3. To build (extra) extra time into my schedule.
      Time management has never been a strength of mine. I wish it was, but I still have difficulty getting to places on time. At first, having Abby, made that a lot worst- sometimes, she would try to herd me while I was getting dressed, others she might try to get in the shower with me. As time went on, I gradually learned to factor in extra time. Building time into my schedule for unexpected (sometimes expected) delays has helped me a great deal in being on time to work, school, and social outings.

Most pets will require some life adjustments, and using the adjustment to make healthy schedule and life balance changes can be great for both you and your pet. Did your life change after getting a new furry, feathered, or scaly family member? Let me know in the comments!

And for good measure, here’s just one more puppy photo:

FullSizeRender 73
Written by Kelly. 

Owner of Just Six Club, grad student, and dog mom.


8 thoughts on “3 Things My Dog Taught Me

    1. Thanks Laura and agree- adopting a puppy has been a serious positive change! (Can’t say I was against shamelessly showing off Abby photos for this post either!)


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