A Day Off On A Budget

Hi Just Sixers, it’s almost back to school time!

Like many other students who work, I find that alternating schedules can keep me very busy, so when I get a day off I am thrilled. Also like many other students and young professionals, I often find myself on a tight budget. Getting out of the house and blowing off steam can be a really good thing, but it can be expensive- restaurants, bar tabs, the movies, and so on can add up very quickly. Here’s a quick list of my favorite day-off activities that can be done on a very tight budget.

  1. Visit a Park
    Local parks are an option and are almost always free. Some host outdoor movie nights, festivals, and other fun community activities. If you live in an area that doesn’t have many parks, there are some amazing alternatives to go as a student on a budget. If you are close enough to one, national parks and state parks are some of the most amazing places I have ever been. National parks are really affordable places to go, you can pay a price by carload, but if you are on a truly tight budget, admission is free several days of the year. You can find out which parks are closest to you here. Another place to look for more local getaways is Discover the Forest. It has a huge database of local and distant parks- most of which are free to visit and explore. Regardless of the distance, an outdoor getaway with friends, a date, or by yourself is a cheap and offbeat cure for cabin fever.
  2. Tea Dates
    If you want to go out with a friend, tea dates can be a way to go out and enjoy a different atmosphere without stretching your budget. Small tea shops often boast specialty drinks which are always fun to try!
  3. Farmers/Antique Markets
    If it’s a beautiful day, outdoor famers or antique markets are an offbeat way to spend the day shopping. Farmers markets are often budget friendly, and you never know what fun finds you might stumble across as the vendors rotate frequently.
  4. Community Events
    This one can tie a bit to the parks in your area, but parks are not the only places that can host great community events (for example, our local supermarket hosts movie and popcorn nights once every few weeks). One of the easiest ways to find events planned for your area is to join your/nearby townships’ Facebook groups. Community members often share events like firework displays, charity events, fairs, concerts, and more. Following your township’s page on other social platforms is also a great way to keep up on local (and budget-friendly) community events.

Whether you are getting back to school this month or working, having budget-friendly options ready for your day off is always useful. Do you have any favorites not mentioned? Let me know in the comments and have a fantastic rest of your weekend!

Written by Kelly. 

Owner of Just Six Club, grad student, and dog mom.

14 thoughts on “A Day Off On A Budget

  1. I love the idea of going to a farmers/antique market! I also tend to treat myself to a day of at-home pampering when I have any free time! I’ll take a bubble bath and do a sheet mask before giving myself a mani/pedi and curling up on the couch to watch my favorite rom-com! Great post, thanks for sharing! xo

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