Our Favorite Summer Styles

Hello Just Sixers and welcome to our blog! We’re about halfway through the Summer of 2017 and hope that you all enjoyed this weekend as much as we did. This week, we wanted to kick off our blog by sharing some of the summer styles we’re most excited about. Check out these favorites of ours and accessory ideas to match.

The Rise of Navy
While we typically gravitate towards lighter tones in warm weather, this summer, we have loved the dramatic pairing of navy blue and white. One of our absolute favorites is our Navy Nights Lace Dress, it’s versatile and perfect for almost any occasion. Pair it with chunky sun glasses and a cropped denim jacket for an afternoon out wine tasting, or wear it with heels for a date, rehearsal dinner, and more. We especially love this dress because it’s dark enough to be worn to fall and early winter outings as well- and saving money is always a plus in our book.

Another of our new arrivals is our Festival Favorite Skirt, this is a more laid back find which packs plenty of summer charm. Pair it with a light colored accents for an ideal brunch outfit, or add a flowy top for the ultimate music festival wear. The embroidered details add just a bit of summer to the dark blue tones while the fabric is light enough to add to even the toastiest of summer days.

Bright & Sunny 
Although we are feeling the navy love right now, summer would not be quite right without bright and sunny colors as well. One of our best sellers happens to be our third favorite fashion pick- our Flamingo Rompers in light blue and pink. We were a little bit skeptical about the versatility of rompers initially, but these rompers are usable for every day casual wear, beachy looks, and dreamy summer lunch dates. Pair it with our favorite accessories mentioned above (cropped white denim jacket) and you are ready for just about any daytime adventure. Again with this look, chunky sunglasses add just a bit of flare. We love that all of these looks can be complimented with similar accessories- which save you time & money!

That’s it for our first blog post, we hope that you love these summer styles as much as we do! Let us know your favorite styles in the comments and stay tuned for more coming Friday!

Written by Kelly, Format by Omar

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